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Sony's Perceived Idiocy.

It seems that Sony in recent years has built up a reputation of not being very nice nor very bright, even by corporate standards, with them spectacularly shooting themselves in their collective foots over copyright protection, not really caring about the consumers, and lacking common business sense.

They alienated the gaming community by shutting down the somewhat dubious (yet hugely popular) Lik-Sang business, they pissed millions of loyal consumers off with their defective rootkit programs on CDs or DVDs (screwing over people into downloading music anyway), pulled off marketing blunders too numerous to list here (pissing off the Church of England in one case), kinda of ruined the PS3 by using it to pimp their BluRay gimmick (the tallest dwarf in comparison to HD-DVD), the PSP is pretty so-so as a portable games console, and then they are too miserly to publish classic TV shows on DVD (another way of encouraging the very piracy they're clumsily clamping down on).

What happened? Did their blinding success in the 80s, 90s and early 00s made them overweeningly arrogant? The company got too big to manage properly, with too many branches and subsidiaries competing against each other without strong leadership pulling them back and giving them a coherent game plan?
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