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Re: what's with huge production budgets?

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Totally agree

I still love my explosions, my scifi, my action and my blcokbusters...but I just wish they could scale back with the over-spending

I still have a hunger for blockbusters

IRONMAN for me was a real winner, because even though the movie had top actors and explosions it delivered great bang for its pretty modest budget of $140 million production.

SupermanReturns was a failure, the movie was over the top and dull, its second weekend only totaled $20 million but it managed to claw back some of the loss with healthy dvd sales. Look at the cost of making movies Waterworld ( $230 Mil adj inflation ) SupermanReturns ($300 Mil), KingKong ($210 Mil) and despite the huge sums of money spent these movies were extremely boring or complete flops.
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