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Re: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review&Discussion **SPOILERS**

Saw it this weekend, gave it a D. I LOVE the first two Mummy movies and I was pretty open to the idea of Cohen directing, and even the idea of recasting Evey.

And then the movie started, I couldn't help but keep thinking "this isn't the Mummy... it's far to serious, where's the humor? Where's the adventure? WHERE IS THE MUMMY!?

The Chinese setting never bothered me until I was actually in the movie theater, in fact I thought it'd be a smart idea to spice things up a bit. How wrong I was, I was surprised at how much I missed the Egyptian setting, missed Arnold Voslo, missed Oded Fehr, and boy did I miss Evey. It just wasn't charming at all.

One good thing did come of the movie though, I suddenly (despite previously being vehemently opposed to the idea) had a strong desire to see Brendan Fraser as Superman, maybe it was seeing him in the fedora, or the fact that he seems to have lost any "baby fat" he once had, but he seemed to have the right amount of maturity and likability.

Anyway, so yeah, it was such a loud, loud, loud disappointment.

EDIT: Also, Fraser apparently doesn't age.
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