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No respect for the character of Scotty in "Relics"?

Just watched "Relics" tonight. I was so excited for this crossover when it first aired in 1992. Watching it again, I'm reminded what a bummer this episode turned out to be even though it had much potential.

Ron Moore sure threw out some TOS love with the references to Kirk and especially the real fanboy references to "By Any other Name". "Elaan of Troyus" and a couple other old episodes.

However, Moore didn't reference that Scotty was a rockstar engineer and a known part of Starfleet history. I was disappointed that Geordi and Picard didn't immediately recognize Scotty. A little recognition and props for being the legendary "miracle worker" It seemed like they knew Kirk and the Enterprise, but Scotty got sold short in terms of name recognition.

Did anyone else feel this way? It made the whole useless old guy story line even more depressing.
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