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I think to do a good, true, Superman movie that looks and feels like it should would require a different style and look that we've seen in a long time. It would need a real "30s era" look and feel and style while possibly also taking place in current times.
So more or less the Tim Burton approach, an ultramodern setting with a lot of anachronistic elements.

(Again, take the generalness of it and add a few dozen-million dollars and higher-caliber actors. And no Batman.)
I thought their Lois was perfect.

The very first scene we see in that video is Clark (Superman) looking up at (what I think is) the LA PD Building (what it's suposed to be in the "reality" of the trailer's universe I'm not sure if it's supposed to be the DP or a Metropolis city office)
That would be the DP, as its the building that used to stand in for it in the George Reeves TV series.
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