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If anything Nolan-esque needs to be applied to Superman, it's his angle of finding a fan loved story and basing his world from that, like he did with Batman.

We don't need another origin. Everybody knows all about Superman. What we need is to jump right in there with a good story. Superman is like Zues. All you need to know about Zues is that he's a god, a womanizer and he turns into different animals. Well, all you need to know about Supes is that he's the best, he's honest and you know, all that stuff.

We don't need another origin. We don't need to see the Fortress being built. We will understand it's the fortress as soon as he walks into it. We don't need to see him discovering how to fly. We'll get that he flies before we step into the theater.

And I would still say all this even if Smallville never aired, but you include that and geez, you really don't need to retread that territory.

For Iron Man, sure, you need to have an origin. You need to see the suit. You don't need it for Supes.
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