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Well, firstly I don't think one is needed. Superman's origin is so iconic and definitive that I really don't think we need to see it commited to film again for a very long time, if ever.

And I really don't think a "Nolan Style" Superman would work. His style I don't think would fit well with Superman. Singer's style barely worked and I'd even argue Donner's style only slightly worked.

I think to do a good, true, Superman movie that looks and feels like it should would require a different style and look that we've seen in a long time. It would need a real "30s era" look and feel and style while possibly also taking place in current times.

It would require a bit of lightness and fun without getting to Supermans 3 and 4 levels and whole lot less angst than S:R had and no kind of darkness would work.

And Superman's powerset as shown in the movies that matter aren't too fantastical so they don't need much "reigning in" back to a level of "realisim."

The style and look I think would work best (which a vastly expanded budget) I really think is this VIDEO. It just has a look and feel about it that I think is ideal for what a Superman movie should be.

(Again, take the generalness of it and add a few dozen-million dollars and higher-caliber actors. And no Batman.)

The very first scene we see in that video is Clark (Superman) looking up at (what I think is) the LA PD Building (what it's suposed to be in the "reality" of the trailer's universe I'm not sure if it's supposed to be the DP or a Metropolis city office) captures a look and feel that I'm going for. The way the coloring and lighting is and just the look of it just *sings* "Superman" to me. Around 30 seconds into it there's two more scenes (one of Superman looking thoughtful against another sunrise/set cityscape and one of him shilouetted in a doorway with his redcape shining) that look great to this "feel" of Superman other clip I like for the "Superman feel" I want to see: Clark and Lex talking on the phone and Clark sitting in his apartment.

The trailer has a degree of corniness and "too much" to it and its production values show but it's got moments in it that better capture the "Superman" feel better than anything we've seen in film or on TV.
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