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Re: Superman Begins

Well, to reply to the actual topic at hand, something I'm sure the author of this thread will appreciate, I think that would be a good idea. If they could find a truly good director, another Nolan, someone who isn't about big blockbusters but about telling stories, and they where to make a more grounded and telling story of Superman... I think it might do wonders.

"Superman Returns" wasn't as bad as the later Bat-films, but at this point the Superman franchise is suffering similar ills. Over-exposure, poor incarnations, the like. I think Superman needs a fresh start. A Begins-style reboot might work well. Especially if they keep him more grounded. I realize such is difficult with him being superman, but, they could try to be a little less fantastical about it. Make it believable fantasy. No lifting freaking rock islands the size of New York into orbit. Lets stick with the old classic of bending a gun barrel, punching a bad guy. You know?
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