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^I would support that if they went the whole nine yards and made it a period piece set in 1938. (And Superman himself didn't learn that he was an alien until 1949, so the anti-alien angle would be out.) Not sure how it would play with the general public, though. There's been too much water under the bridge, people expect Superman to be flying and all.
I would prefer a period version too, but I still think a modern day one would work. It would basically be like the last 20 minutes of Unbreakable, but with a more colorful costume.

And even though there wouldn't be flying per se, it would still be pretty powerful and dramatic to see him launching himself into the air. And of course he would still have heat vision and x-ray vision and some of the more basic powers.

If audiences could adjust to a Batman movie that plays more like a crime drama than a superhero movie, I'm sure they could adjust to a less powerful, stripped down version of Superman who isn't such a goody-goody and has a bit more of an attitude. Obviously it would take some great storytelling and a great director like Nolan to make it work though.
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