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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

I wish that were true that no one in the Star Trek universe, meaning Starfleet, would ask an officer to go to a therapist he or she doesn`t trust or feel comfortable with. “A Time to…” was showing an extreme when that counsellor “treated” Picard in ways against his will that were nothing else but torture. He had no say whatsoever when that happened. I can`t give specific examples right now but I remember there were cases when the captain or another high ranking officer ordered someone to go to the counsellor on board and talk about the problem in question. If I would have been ordered to go to T`Lana or even that counsellor from hell in “A Time To…”, I would be extremely careful what I say and that conversation would not be helpful, it would probably even cause more stress and anxiety to a person who already feels vulnerable. I could see that Counsellors have a lot of power and are able to remove a person from duty.

OK, I am hoping that T`Lana will handle her problems better than Leybenzon did.
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