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Re: Angel's standout episodes

^ Yeah that's happening now, and been explored more in Spike: After The Fall too (prequel to Angel: ATF) The first TPB of A:ATF is available now btw, #1-5 in a very nice hardcover book.

So back to the topic, as for standing out from crowd, I guess eps like Waiting In The Wings and Smile Time spring to mind.
But as for the main big standout awesome-o eps for me, well I love the arc plots and Wolfram & Hart shennagins episodes. Such great characters and villians (Lilah, Holtz, Lindsey, Darla, The Beast, etc)
Some of my big faves eps are...
s1- Five By Five, To Shanshu In LA
s2- Darla, Reunion/Redefintion, Reprise
s3- Lullaby, Sleep Tight, Benediction
s4- Apocalypse Nowish, Salvage
s5- You're Welcome, Hole in the World/Shells

And then of course my favourite episode bar none, Not Fade Away. Love every second of it.

I'm listening to the score soundtrack as I write this btw. "Darla's Sacrifice", used when she kills herself in the alley to reveal baby Connor, and Holtz slow-mo walks through the flames crossbow in hand.
God I love this show

btw, found this on Youtube, a possible new spinoff?-
Daniel Holtz in the 21st Century
Video starts a bit slow but stick with it, hilarious

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