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Angel's standout episodes

Whenever there's an article or whatever on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a lot of the time the show's standout episodes will get a mention. Now these may not be your favourite or all-time best, but they do standout from the crowd. The main "trilogy" would be-
Hush, The Body and Once More, With Feeling. And then you could maybe add other popular eps like Innocence, Passion, Becoming, Restless, The Gift, etc etc

But Angel on the other hand doesn't really seem to have as many "standout" eps as above. Don't get me wrong I lurve the show, but the only kinda "gimmicky" episode I can think of like Buffy's trilogy is Smile Time, which IMO is quite an overrated episode anyway

So I'll leave my views on the subject for later, but what for you would be the equivalent Angel episodes. Not necessarily your favourite, but ones that standout from the crowd a bit

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