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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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What was the greatest thing about Dark Knight - the most "faithful to the comic" Joker, Batman, and Two-Face ever seen.
Well, one quibble is that the Joker in the comics didn't paint his face or dye his hair. They were permanently coloured that way as a result of a chemical accident. So that wasn't faithful to the comics. However, TDK featured the BEST version of the above characters seen onscreen yet (IMH).

What was the worst thing about Superman Returns - An entire movie full of things that were not faithful to the comic, but where instead faithful to a 1979 movie with random modern updates out of left field.
Actually, I'd cite Kate Bosworth's somewhat dull and too young Lois as well as overly-slow pacing. And a rather uninteresting plot by Lex. Though I still like the movie a lot. And I take some of your points about the emphasis on the 1979 movie - the depiction of Luthor in particular.

The pressure better be on, and the fix is simple. Reboot. Get a guy that looks like Alex Ross painted him. A big, strong, wise Superman. Make his enemy someone iconic from the comics and do him faithfully.

You will have millions of dollars and the goodwill of fans. SIMPLE.
Did Christopher Reeve look like Alex Ross' Superman? Hmmm, not overly. But many people still think of him as the definitive Superman and he's still arguably the most popular depiction of him. The guy in those World's Finest fan trailers does, but Routh could out-act him anyday. And to me, he captured the essence of Superman, even if he looked a little too young. But that problem will be solved, given the time that's elapsed since SR.

I think if the sequel to SR contains more action, gives Superman more to do, more sparring and interaction with Lois and a worthy opponent, it'll generate as much goodwill as any reboot. Let's face it, a lot of people won't care if it's a sequel or a reboot. Just as long as the bloody thing entertains.
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