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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

Well, if you would take the time to actually read my post, you'll see that I pointed out that the ideas might seem weighty to the general summer movie audience, not "go over their heads." Nor did I say that the ideas were "profound". I simply said that it aspired to be more than a sci-fi shoot-em-up by exploring issues such as how our experiences, even the painful ones, make us who we are and that we need them for better or worse, or that we all have a need to answer the ultimate question. What does mortality mean to us? Is there anything after death? Are we a cosmic accident or is there some design? Star Trek V addressed these questions in a very broad way and posited the idea that those answers should be sought internally because they can never be answered externally. I'm not saying its some super-intelligent movie, I just appreciate the fact that it was talked about at all in a big-budget summer sci-fi movie. I think shatner made a brave choice when it would have been far safer to do something more conventional. Star Trek V has alot of problems and isn't the best Trek movie by any means, but I really like what they were going for.
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