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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Thank you for your interesting comments. There is not a lot I can add, just one point or two:

Your explanation about T`Lana makes sense but still, I don`t want to meet that woman again and don`t see how she can ever be a counsellor I would like to discuss my most private thoughts and fears with. I am not a scientist. I understand now that “insanity” is not the word I should have used but something more general like “mental issues”. T`Lana has a lot of them and combined with the limitations her personality has, it would be better for her and everybody else if she would find a new career.

Calhoun as Wolverine and Trys as Spider-Man or Human Torch – that is amusing. Well, they are all super-heroes and therefore in good company. As I said, they are both free spirits, original thinkers and not afraid to say what they think and do what they think is right. They also have a very open attitude towards sexuality and a sense of humour. They are dark and light but have a lot in common I like.

Thank you again for this enjoyable and interesting book.
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