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Re: what does Star Trek food taste like?

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Hasperat's probably more of an Italian-American dish. Something akin to a hot pepper cheese pepperoni roll. Minus the pepperoni.

Um, did you even watch Deep Space Nine? In the Season Six opening arc, in one of the most important episodes, Ziyal makes a souffle out of hasperat. Also, in "Wrongs Darker than..." when Meru and Nerys are taken to Terok Nor and given food, hasperat is on the table and I believe it looks more like a cream type thing.

So sorry, I don't think your analogy works. I've never even heard of making a souffle out of a hot pepper cheese roll.
Hasperat looks like a burrito. It's lterally just dough with spices cooked in. The prop was a flour tortilla with cream cheese and peppers (though quite bland and not tasting anything like what real hasperat would.)

The souffle was probably made with hasperat spices. The cream was either a mistake (yours or the prop department's) or it was the uncooked ingredients.

Memory Alpha. They even have a damn picture of it looking very burritoish.

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