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Re: IDW Trek comics plans for '08-'09

James Swallow wrote: View Post
Hey Andrew, kudos to you and all at IDW; I've been enjoying the broad range of stories we're getting.

Andrew Harris wrote: View Post
Actually, "Star Trek: The Last Generation", which was announced at the con, will be a TNG book (though obviously a Myriad Universes one).
I just saw the great cover for the first issue of this - one might say it was an eXcellent homage...
Hey, thanks much, James. I had originally conceived of the series as a Star Trek version of "Days of Future Past" (in theme, at least), and when IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall asked me about possible cover ideas, this one immediately came to mind. I wasn't exactly sure if it was one of those "it seemed like a good idea at the time" kind of things, so I photoshopped a test sample to see how it would look. I sent it off to Chris, and he thought it was great, so he called up JK Woodward, who I had worked with on Peter David's Fallen Angel series but was also a huge Trek fan, and he absolutely nailed it.

It's amazing to me how close he came to the original mockup, and I think I might post both versions of the cover, along with the original X-Men #141 cover, so people can see how these sorts of things evolve. I think there also might be one small change coming in the final cover due to a slight editorial change in the story, so I'll wait for that before I put up all four versions.
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