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Why were they playing Mexican music for China?

By the way, I'm watching Fencing on USA and that sport is "interesting" to say the least. Ah the olympics. The only time you get Diving, fencing, Archery, Rowing, and Equestrian as "sports."
The music they used for the Parade of Nations was dismal. It's like they played 52-Pickup with a collection of ethnic music from around the world, edited it together, and put it on an endless loop. There was no imagination, the renditions were blah, and as much as I love bagpipe music, I got really tired of it after the fifth time it played. There was no attempt at all to match the music to the countries.

I would classify diving and rowing as sports. But it still flabbergasts me that people consider target shooting and table tennis legitimate Olympic sports. Why not add Tiddly-winks?
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