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Re: Randy Newman: "Harps and Angels"

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Does it sound like all his other songs?
Errr, no. It's recognizable as Newman but definitely no IMHO

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I was just thinking of this sketch I saw on MadTV a few years ago where the fat guy played RN and did all his songs EXACTLY the same. He recorded some Star Wars songs and they all had that RN sound.

It was very funny!

Here is a link to the clip
Don't get me wrong: I enjoy parodies of my favorite shows, characters, celebs just like the next man. But I've never really taken to MadTV. I usually find they're not very funny, and this is no exception.

However, I thought Randy Newman's appearance on Family Guy was pretty funny .

Back to the topic: I take it then that you haven't listened to the album. If so I'd recommend checking it out .
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