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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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The only problem with doing a Superman movie is that the people that would make the movie are those type of people that try to relate to Superman instead of just excepting who he is. They either can't believe someone like Superman could exist or even if he does they don't buy into what he represents.

If we get Superman back to fighting for truth, tolerance and justice then all will be well. I can just hope.
I see a contradiction in these statements. It's "Truth, Justice, and the American Way". Accept it, buy into it.
Yeah, honestly, the intentional exclusion of that (to make the flick play better with audiences hostile to "the American Way" rankled me a bit.

Thing is, "The American Way" is an ideal... and whether or not you believe that America has ever, in reality, actually lived up to the ideal has nothing to do with whether or not the saying is relevant.

If you want to replace that line with something... it should be with the closest approximation to what "The American Way" is supposed to mean.

"Truth, Justice, Freedom and Individual Responsibility" If that really want to change it, I could live with that change.

But not "tolerance." Why not? Because I've seen more intolerance perpetrated in the past several decades in the name of "tolerance" than under any other guise.

"Tolerance" means all sorts of things, depending on what you're talking about... and nobody ever really means "be tolerant of everything." They always mean "be tolerant of what I want, but I don't have to be tolerant of what you want."

There are lots of things I'm not inclined to be tolerant of. Dictatorships... nope, not tolerant of that. Lies... nope, not tolerant of that. Murder... nope, not tolerant of that. Suppression of free speech... nope, not tolerant of that.

Damn, I'm pretty intolerant, aren't I? But if you're honest, most of you are too...

"Tolerance" is just a mask for suppressing opposing viewpoints... by calling those opposing viewpoints "intolerant" and thus making them intolerable. The irony shouldn't be lost on anyone...
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