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Sins of the Father

Plot Summary: As part of the same exchange program that sent Riker aboard the Pagh, a Klingon commander named Kurn comes aboard the Enterprise to serve as first officer, where he quickly earns a reputation as a tough disciplinarian. Privately, however, he reveals to Worf an entirely different motive for being on the ship: he wishes to inform Worf that he is Kurn's older brother, and to ask that Worf help defend their father, Mogh, against accusations that Mogh aided the Romulans in the attack on the Khitomer Outpost that killed their parents. Worf requests and receives Picard's permission to appear before the Klingon High Council to challenge the accusations, brought by a council member named Duras. K'mpec, the head of the council, asks Worf to end his challenge for the good of Klingon society. Meanwhile, Kurn, who has hidden his secret identity as a son of Mogh, is attacked and nearly killed by assassins hired by Duras. With Kurn in sickbay, Worf asks Picard to stand with him at the challenge, and Picard agrees, asking his crew to investigate the Khotomer massacre. Crusher and Riker discover that another survivor, Kahlest, is still alive, and Picard brings her to the council to testify. K'mpec calls them into private chambers, where Picard and Worf discover that the real traitor at Khitomer was Duras' father, but they are told by K'mpec that an attack on the Duras family could trigger a civil war. K'mpec did not know that Worf had a brother, nor did he expect a Starfleet officer to demand a Klingon challenge. To protect Kurn from execution as the son of a traitor, Worf agrees to accept discommendation and dismissal from Klingon society, but K'mpec, Duras, Kurn and Picard all know the truth, and Picard advises Worf that there will be another time to clear his father's name.

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