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Re: XXIX Olympic games coverage

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NBC has an iron-clad contract with the Olympic games that restricts all Olympic coverage in the US to them. You can't even legally stream video to the US of the Olympic games.

I've thought about going up to the Canadian border to see the CBC Olympics coverage but it just isn't practical for two weeks.
Try You can adjust the schedule for your own time zone.

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I really wish they would've shown the Opening Ceremonies live....
I saw them live on CBC. The Canadian athletes got a nice reception from the crowd.

I tried your link but it doesn't work for me. They can id your country from your IP address and I don't think they are allowed to stream to the US.

Maybe someone else from the US can confirm or deny this?

Yes, you need an anonymizer or a proxy server. Every country is doing this, unfortunately.

Also, there's so much coverage about this fencer who won gold for China in Los Angeles but is not fencing for Canada. I'm sure there's a little cheering for that person.
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