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Re: On "Ex Machina" & Crew

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Huh? Wasn't the Rhaandarite ensign's scene in the theatrical edition? You mean the bit on the bridge where Uhura chews him out...?
Nope. Billy sat there on premiere night at the Smithsonian and his (big?) scene was gone!

It was only in the comic and the novelization until the SLV.

Theatrically he still got chewed out by Reiko Onami, swapped glances with Rand, and carried Kirk's field jacket though; Billy just had no lines.

And, when there was a premiere night in his home town, he attended as an audience member and a local extra, who'd played a Rhaandarite in the rec deck, was signing autographs saying he was "the alien ensign".

Billy said in my 1984 interview with him, "What was I to do? Say, 'No everyone, that was me up there doing nothing!'"
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