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So... an artist thought her 'do was a HAT? And made it RED?

The artists who did the early issues had never seen Star Trek. They lived in Italy, I think. All the artists had to go by was photo reference. Also, keep in mind that the line art and coloring in comics are done by different people. The colorist might never have even seen the photo reference that the penciller saw. He most likely just got line art of a woman with a big conical woven thing on the top of her head, and since he'd never seen the show or the reference photos, he must have concluded that it was a wool hat. I mean, really, to the uninitiated, that's a more plausible thing for it to be than some bizarre, ridiculously overcomplicated beehive hairdo.

Keep in mind that this was the '60s, while the show was still on the air. Nobody had any idea that ST would become some big media franchise that was intensely analyzed to its smallest detail, or that the comics they published would be preserved on digital media four decades later. To them, they were making disposable magazines based on disposable entertainment properties. It was an assembly-line thing, without the kind of care and devotion that gets put into today's Trek comics.
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