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Re: On "Ex Machina" & Crew

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Soooooooo... any thoughts on a sequel? Some more Spock-exploring-humanity, perhaps? Or that nurse making amends for her attitude towards McCoy?
I'd be happy to return to that milieu and those characters. I did revisit the former briefly in Mere Anarchy Book 4: The Darkness Drops Again. But the sales figures haven't justified a novel sequel. I'm always open to other possibilities, such as short stories or comic books, if the opportunity presents itself.

And what nurse? Reiko Onami is a xenopsychologist, a doctor in her own right. As for her attitude, she learned to appreciate him more in the course of the novel itself -- and let's not forget that McCoy himself learned that she had a point, and committed himself to correcting the deficiency she called his attention to. So there's nothing to make amends for.

Hmmm... did you, by any chance, intend to use those two Vulcans (T'Hesh and the ambassador) again?
Not particularly. Certainly not T'Hesh. She was on just over 2 pages' worth of the entire book.

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They made a longer version of TMP? What, did somebody feel they weren't getting enough sleep as it was? Yikes.
You mean you don't know about the ABC-TV version from 1983? The movie was too long to fit into a 2-hour slot, so instead of cutting it down, they added enough cut footage to pad it out to fit in a 3-hour slot and billed it as a special event. TV networks sometimes do that with long movies; for instance, they added so much cut footage to David Lynch's Dune that it became a 4-hour miniseries (and he took his name off the TV edition in protest, so it ran with the credit "Directed by Alan Smithee"). Unfortunately, much of the restored footage doesn't quite fit the final film -- particularly the restored portions of the original spacewalk sequence where Kirk and Spock went into V'Ger together and the spacesuits were different. So we see shots of Kirk going out in one spacesuit (and you can see the scaffolding behind the segment of hull they built, since the cut scene never had its effects completed), and then, when Spock returns, he's in an entirely different spacesuit.
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