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Re: Trek Comics on DVD

^ "That's the most impractical, high-maintenance hairstyle for life aboard ship I've ever seen. Maybe she should just wear a hat."

To quote Kirk, "I know, but really...."

By the way, Vonda's Enterprise: First Adventure indicates that Rand wore her hair like that a kind of rebellion against her past life as a slave. (i.e., she wasn't allowed to let her hair grow, or style it, back on that planet.)

Maybe it's also a way of expressing her confidence. ("What the heck. If I can handle a style like this, I can handle a lot.")

Well, hey! A lot of times, movie-makers have sci-fi babes wear their hair in the most rediculous ways. Remember Princess Leah's cinnamon buns?

But then, I've seen girls wear worse....
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