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Re: On "Ex Machina" & Crew

Logic is a religion to Vulcans, and people tend to be irrational when their doctrines are challenged.
Don't I know it. You woudn't believe the "debates" I've gotten into lately.

By the way, I've often noticed how Spock tends to ignore insubordination, public or private. Remeber Boma? Or Stiles?

Look, I'm all for "Turning The Other Cheek", but still.... Does Spock have some kind of personal problem? Perhaps he himself chewed out a superior some years back (Tuvok-style), and doesn't wanna be a hypocrite?

Not to mention Uhura chewing him out with a glance and a cool remark in TMP-SLV and TMP-DE.
Ahhhh... SLV? DE? Ya kinda lost me there....
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