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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

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Nightwish Dark Passion Play without tarja turunen as their lead vocalist i really feel that they have lost the voice that made them unique and one of my favourite bands.
Oh, definitely no!

I love Dark Passion Play and I love Annette's voice. I have all of Nightwish's albums and it might be my favourite (maybe I like Once better). She's a different style of singer from Tarja but I think that was for the best, because Tarja had such a unique sound that trying to ape it would have been worse, in my opinion.

I saw them live in march and Annette managed quite a few of the older songs very well - different from Tarja of course, but still great music - I'm disappointed that I never got to see Tarja in person, but from all accounts she was kind of an aloof performer whereas Annette is sweet and bouncy and really seems to be enjoying herself with the audience.
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