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Re: what's with huge production budgets?

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Some budgets do blow my mind. Pirates costing 150 mil I understand as there's huge sets, ships on the ocean filming and whatnot. But Spider-Man 3? It had about 15 minutes of action in the whole thing. The rest of it was just actors whining in an apartment.

They made Transformers on 151 mil and it looks like it had triple the budget of any of these movies. Tons of gorgeous on location filming across the world, super detailed CGI robots, real-life military action... How come Michael Bay is so much more cost-efficient? I did read one article that says he's a monster on the set rushing people through takes as quickly as possible.
My thoughts exactly, you look at Hellboy 2, and it looks like it must have a massive budget, but it cost under 90 million, you look at Cloverfield and think it must have cost easily over 100 million dollars, but it cost 25 million.

Now let's look at that crappy Zohan movie, why hello thar 90 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET...

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