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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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Then the ball needs to get rolling. I don't see another Superman film making it to 2010 with Bryan Singer as director; he is knee-deep in post-production on Valkryie, and still re-shooting some scenes or having recently shot them.

The film isn't due until 2009 and I don't think Singer will want to primarily focus his efforts on another project like Superman until he is done with his current one.

2011 might be feasible.
I don't think 2010 is looking likely either. And Warners will presumably want to get the next Nolan/Bale Batman film out in the summer of 2011, and I don't see them releasing a Superman film in the same year (unless they gave it a Christmas release - although I don't think they'd do so). If Superman slips back to 2012 then I think they'll go with a new cast and director and start from scratch.
I pray it doesn't come to that.

I think that producing a new Superman film should be easier, not harder, now that all parties have had the experience of Superman Returns. I hope the remainder of 2008 will bring some positive developments. I want the studio to hold on to the cast of SR. I certainly don't want Brandon Routh to become the George Lazenby of the film franchise.
I would tend to agree. The cast & creative crew is for the most part in place. The world is pretty much established. Re-figuring that out would just add more time for the development of the film. This is in many ways a Spider-Man 2 or Iron Man 2 situation where the world is established so if you wanted to do the movie in less than two years you conceivably, hopefully, could.
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