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Re: 100% laugh-free trailer for DISASTER MOVIE. Ugh.

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Lloyd Bridges- Why aren't those soldiers moving!

*a picture of soldiers lined up*
Roy...ROY! Went to school with that man.
"Read it back to again me please"
"and if your ever put your god damn hands on my wife again i'll..."
Jet engines fire off
"Jesus man, that's loud. These ear canals are stainless steel. Took an arrow at Okinowa, or was it Little Big Horn, the one without the indians.

crewman takes out earplugs
"Here sir, we have these to hold down the sound."

Admiral swallows them with a glass of water.
"Let's hope that does the trick."
Hank "Well Bobby, it looks like they found a cure for the cooties."
Bobby "The What?"
Hank "Well, in my day, cooties were the germs you got from girls."
Bobby "Oh, you mean like Chlamydia?"
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