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Re: On "Ex Machina" & Crew

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Hey Chris-- excellent book! Great story, great dialogue, thought-provoking and complex (just the way I love it)... WELL DONE!

Some of the new charachters behave, well, disrespectful to their superiors. Near the beginning, there's a Vulcan lieutenant who all but chews out Spock for being "without logic", because he chose to allow emotion into his life. Problem? Spock is her superior. She is being insubordinate. Is this logical?
Logic is a religion to Vulcans, and people tend to be irrational when their doctrines are challenged. That's the paradox of the Vulcans.

T'Hesh's reaction to Spock is consistent with the way we've seen Vulcans react to other Vulcans who accepted their emotions. The V'tosh katur from Enterprise were looked on with scorn and contempt. Sybok was disowned and exiled just for saying that emotion was okay.

And why doesn't Spock seem to notice this?
That's a matter of Starfleet discipline -- an alien thing. This was a matter between two Vulcans. He dealt with it in those terms rather than hiding behind his rank.

There's also that nurse who actually does chew out McCoy. Not to mention Zaand....

So... why the insubordination? And why do their superiors ignore it?
Starfleet has never been a rigidly military organization -- more a pseudomilitary outfit like the Coast Guard. Anyway, McCoy isn't the type to pull rank on someone just because she had the courage to speak her mind; that would be downright hypocritical for him of all people. As for Zaand, it's been a long time since I read the book, but I don't think he criticized the captain to his face until Kirk invited him to do so. Permission to speak freely and all that.
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