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On "Ex Machina" & Crew

Good evening, Trekkers, Trekkies, Trecknecks, and Conversationalists all across the fruited plain! It is I, El Rushborg, with a semi-review of a certain book written by a truly AWESOME author!

Hey Chris-- excellent book! Great story, great dialogue, thought-provoking and complex (just the way I love it)... WELL DONE!

However, I have a... minor problem....

Some of the new charachters behave, well, disrespectful to their superiors. Near the beginning, there's a Vulcan lieutenant who all but chews out Spock for being "without logic", because he chose to allow emotion into his life. Problem? Spock is her superior. She is being insubordinate. Is this logical? And why doesn't Spock seem to notice this?

There's also that nurse who actually does chew out McCoy. Not to mention Zaand....

So... why the insubordination? And why do their superiors ignore it?
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