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Re: Trek Comics on DVD

I wasn't quite convinced by the lead-in to Star Trek III, so at the time, I wrote my own story that went in-between issue #8 and Star Trek III. It wasn't very long -- maybe fourteen or fifteen hand-written pages.

The Klingon War in issues #1-4 was an attempt by the Klingons to take Genesis by force. When it failed, they turned to subterfuge. Kruge was a cousin of Koloth's, and he wanted revenge for Koloth's death. So, with the aid of Klingon spies, he faked intelligence that the Klingons were going to take the Regula-I station, while the real attempt to take Genesis would do so by gaining the secrets of the Genesis Planet. (The idea was that Starfleet would be more willing to defend the space station than they would be to defend an evolving planet.) The Enterprise took heavy damage, but managed to fend off the Klingon attack on Regula-I, and the ship was so damaged (since it was much more damaged in Star Trek III than it was at the end of Star Trek II) that they had to offload characters like Bearclaw, Bryce, and Konom while the ship limped home.

It wasn't very good. I wrote it when I was 11. But I thought it was a better continuity implant than what we got, and it made the events of Star Trek III as much a continuation of Mike Barr's early stories as it was a sequel to Star Trek II.

Now I'm regretting not polishing this up and sending it in to Strange New Worlds... :/
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