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Re: "Lethal Weapon 5" -- They're not too old for this shit (yet)

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Isn't Rene Russo more or less retired* too?

*past it
In Hollywood terms yes, obviously Mel would need to have a new girlfriend who was about 25 or something (rolleyes aimed at Hollywood not you by the way! )
It should just be Riggs and Murtaugh and, maybe, a visit to Muraugh's family (since they were in the original.) No Leo, no Rigg's wife (and kids), no Chris Rock. Just Riggs and Murtaugh.

Though, Murtaugh should be well into retirement now. Oh! I know! It's a special-secret super case that "only Murtaugh" can help us with so they pull him out of retirement only for the audiance to discover this case really could've been handled by anyone.

Trekker, yes still bitter about X-Files.
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