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Re: "Lethal Weapon 5" -- They're not too old for this shit (yet)

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Looks like Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black has written a spec script for Lethal Weapon 5 and has contacted producer Joel Silver and the two leads, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, who all seem game.

I think this is not surprising news. First Rocky, then John McClane, Rambo and Indiana Jones...Biggs and Murtaugh were the only options left!
Sigh. Not looking forward to it. Since Mel has gone "Jesus Freak" on us I doubt he'll put his "all" into and insist on changes and restrictions to the content (PG-13 here we come!) and 4 was so crap and sacharine that I don't think any additional entries would be worthy; short of making it a good, hard-core action packed fun like the first two; and to not bog it down with the countless secondary characters picked up along the way. (Yes, including Leo.)

But, I'm still on insulin from 4.

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