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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

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He did warn before when the tickets were being sold. How was the show?
Word didn't get far enough, soon enough.

The show wasn't that bad, actually. It was about what you'd expect, under the circumstances: all the instrumental playing was kind of generic, and as much as I'd always liked Evans' singing on Shades, Book and Deep Purple, he really never did have the sort of voice to be singing Gillan's or Coverdale's tunes, and certainly not ten years later. It was just a letdown because it wasn't what we thought we were going to get.

The dude chainsawing the organ in half was fun, though.

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I should check this forum more often. Hard core Purple fan that I am, I'd have hated to have missed this discussion.
Yeah, now all we have to do is figure out where the hell Australis has got himself to. He should have been here yesterday.
[lurch] Yoouuu raaaangg?[/lurch]

Hmm, DP albums that shouldn't have been released... Well, Stormbringer wasn't much chop, Ritchie phoned in his stuff (he was going through a divorce as well as the band's ego problems), but I quite like 'Hold On' and 'Soldier of Fortune'. I really like 'Come Taste The Band', though it's a very different Purple. 'Slasves and Masters' has a couple of good tracks, but with Joe Turner onboard it was really Deep Rainbow. Don't get me wrong, at one stage I owned all the Rainbow albums but thaey sure weren't DP.

Interesting we should have this thread going, I was only reading a couple of weeks ago that DP insisted that an album be withdrawn from sale, a live show which was their last with Blackmore. GIllan apparently hates it. There's a clip on YT from that gig, 'Highway Star' as an opener, when Blackmore refused to come onstage, so they atarted without him. The anger is palpable. Enjoy!
1984? We're way beyond that!
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