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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hello everybody!

I just finished the last disc of Enterprise, and I'm so bummed there's no more Why oh why?? Browsing around, it looks like there's a lot of disagreement, but I really enjoyed what Enterprise adds to the ST canon. More so than with the other series, even when I didn't always like an episode, I at least appreciated where they were trying to go. [Well, except for what they did with Trip ... I'm gonna pretend that was just a holodeck program glitch.]

I've been watching trek ever since I can remember (I watched TAS in its original run!). I've considered myself mostly a TNG & VOY fan, but I've got gaps in my DS9 and now that I've watched all of ENT, I think I'm gonna have to pull a switzerland and just not play faves.

See you 'round the threads
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