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what's with huge production budgets?

I was just browsing the wiki article on Terminator Salvation and happened to notice its rumored $200 million budget. It occured to me that that's one helluva budget for a reboot movie based on a franchise that was on its downturn as of five years ago. But this seems to be the norm with The Dark Knight and its $180 million budget, as well as numerous other films.

Does anyone else think this trend is a little silly? It seems like an incredible waste of money to me and a huge gamble for the studios. A film on a $200 million budget has to make 200 mil to break even...dumb. I remember the days of making movies such as ALIEN on $10 million or so. I wish filmmakers would ease up on the CGI and big name actors and just make good films.

Your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Don't care?
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