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Re: 100% laugh-free trailer for DISASTER MOVIE. Ugh.

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Oh shit, when he gingerly cooked that breakfast on her stomach I almost had an aneurysm laughing. It really does deserve to be up there with Airplane and Naked Gun.
Then at the end when she holds up two strips of bacon, and Topper holds up two T-bone steaks.

And the late Lloyd Bridges too

"God I love a good funeral."

"I personally flown over 147 missions in my life and I was shot down in every one of them. Come to think about it, I don't think I've ever landed a plane in my life."

"Holy crap, my hat blew off, turn around and get it."
But sir, we're on the mission.
Right, put Rabinowitz in a life raft and have him row in circles till we get back.
But sir, that could take days.
Then put some food in the life raft. Good God man, do I have to think about everything we'll tape his favorite shows he won't miss anything.

Walk Hard was a pretty funny movie, though I did think they relied a bit too much on the "cox" jokes, even if the character and title name did basically beg for it.
And the weirdest thing is they didn't even use the Cox breakfast sausages commercials in the movie.
Hank "Well Bobby, it looks like they found a cure for the cooties."
Bobby "The What?"
Hank "Well, in my day, cooties were the germs you got from girls."
Bobby "Oh, you mean like Chlamydia?"
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