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Re: BATMAN 3 RUMOR next Villian??

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For the next year or so, I would not expect anything concrete to come out about the next Batman film. When stuff does begin to come out, it will be if it's happening and who is involve in the early creative stages.

Casting news on this crop of Batman films has always been late to the party. We did not know of Ledger or Eckhart until a few months before shooting.
We knew about Ledger during the summer of 2006, and filming didn't begin until May of 2007. That's almost a year ahead of filming.

When they make announcements (probably next summer), it'll be the same information we got last time: The name of the movie, the director (Nolan), the fact that the old cast is returning (they're contracted to), and the primary villain (along with the actor, most likely).

And we won't get a drop more (or less) than that for another half-year or so afterwards.
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