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Re: 100% laugh-free trailer for DISASTER MOVIE. Ugh.

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I saw SuperHero Movie, knowing what I was getting myself into. It was not a great movie, nor even a good movie, but I could tell their hearts were in the right place when they made it. They did manage to pull a coherent story together and it didn't feel like a bunch of scenes from other movies randomly strung together. I'll say the same thing about The Comebacks as well. They weren't Airplane! or the Naked Gun, but what is?
I don't think Superhero Movie was done by the same people as the others.
Yeah, it was David Zucker wasn't it?
Hank "Well Bobby, it looks like they found a cure for the cooties."
Bobby "The What?"
Hank "Well, in my day, cooties were the germs you got from girls."
Bobby "Oh, you mean like Chlamydia?"
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