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Re: BATMAN 3 RUMOR next Villian??

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The only reason Depp is fanboy rumoured to play The Riddler is because he's the only actor people can think of who has the acting calibre to compete with and possibly make you forget Ledger's Joker...which is the biggest hurdle facing Nolan and crew.

But it ain't gonna' happen.
Then what is? Catwoman? Non-Depp Riddler? Egghead?

It's Egghead, right?

Thrall wrote: View Post
But if anyone could do something good with him it's Depp and Nolan.

They were kind of ambigious about it though. They strongly implied it but they didn't actually say he was dead. It's one of those, if they bring him back he was either in a coma or just got knocked out and they locked him up somewhere type things.
I don't know. The scene doesn't make a lot of sense if they're not assuming he's dead, and anyway I think bringing him back would be a bit of a cheat. And I'd like to see him back. But I think it'd undercut that ending.

Yeah but you could say that about anything. Pretty much all comic book outfits look dumb in real life. A little tweaking here and there and he'd look fine.
True but you'd have to drop the Pro-Wrestler thing IMHO. How important is that to the character? Yes, I'm aware it's an odd criterion: I can accept a clown as a villain but not a Pro-Wrestler. Well, clowns can be creepy and psychotic: Pro-Wrestlers are just unintentional humour - and decidedly campier than the more serious takes on the Riddler. Make him a strong intelligent guy whose wardrobe is a little bit more on the intidimating side and he'd be fine.
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