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Re: Albums bands might've wished they hadn't made.

Country Girl was worst track on Mob Rules. Tony came up with a good riff, & Ronnie sort of wrecked it from there. Ronnie's a genius, don't take that the wrong way, just he had a bad day at the office there.

The difference between H & H & Mob Rules was the overall sound which was brought about in 2 ways. 1. A new drummer. 2. different studio. Heaven & Hell was recorded all over the place, Florida, L.A. & France. Sabs were having tax issues or something. Mob Rules at record Plant in L.A. as I remember.

Bill Ward says he can't remember a thing about recording H&H.

Headless Cross & Dehuhanizer were both good, but not as good as H&H.

Here is Eric Singers 2 cents.

Tony Iommi writes heavy riffs like nobody else. He’s the king/ the godfather of heavy metal or whatever you want to call it and there’s no doubt about it. A lot of people write great riffs like Judas Priest, but the kings are Sabbath and it’s Tony. He wrote those riffs. You can go through all the versions of Black Sabbath with all the different singers – the A, B, C versions of the band – the bottom line is that every record has some cool riffs and that’s Tony. I don’t know anybody better.”

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