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Re: BATMAN 3 RUMOR next Villian??

Squire, I thought they might have been giving a subtle clue about Catwoman as well, but it could have just been a dig at the fact that Bruce got mauled by dogs prior to that scene.

I assume that the Scarecrow got shipped back to Arkham after being tied up. Nice to see they gopt Cillian Murphy to reprise the role, even as a bit part. I do not see Bane as being a high enough caliber villain to headline a film or even be a co-villain. I imagine any appearence by the Joker would be a bit part, as since he was such a force in Dark Knight, I don't think they'd use him heavily in a sequel. Maybe a scene or so in Arkham.

" Do fans think Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne's one-and-only, was really the Catwoman all along?" No. Being blown up kind of nixes that idea; in any event, I don't see Selina Kyle as a law type. Also, what would be the motivation or the point? And it'd be a slap in the face to have them say she was Catwoman, when A) Her name is NOT Selina Kyle nor any variation on a cat theme and B) The character of Rachael was nothing like Selina.

I think the next Villain will be another of the more grounded and less fantastic villains, because how can you convincingly portray Clayface or Poison Ivy in a film set in the kind of world Begins and Knight were that are more realistic?

And if Two-Face had a nickle for every time he was thought to be dead in the comics but came back...he'd be rich. It is possible that Harvey survived the fall, but that Gordon and the rest simply convinced the rest of the public he died in the explosion at the hospital when he was actually carted off to Arkham.
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