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Questions about the Romulan nuetral zone (I.E. "The Defector")

I was watching "The Defector" today and I noticed something that I've also noticed happen in other episodes, but I'll use the episode as an example.

Okay.. Picard has the ship illegally go into the zone to the planet, which is in the zone and therefore owned by neither side. After finding nothing he does a U-turn but before he can get out two Rommie ships decloak..

WAITAMINUTE.. those two Rommie ships then also entered illegally, obviously they were waiting for the big D, but even if they weren't they still entered the zone illegally at about the same time as the D. Why aren't they held accountable for treaty violation? Why is treaty violation even an issue if both the Feds and Rommies entered to watch over each other?
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