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Campbell wanted to leave and try other projects. I can respect that, but that doesn't mean I miss the character. Billy had no screen presence. Is it really such a loss if he isn't seen again? Elosha worked better in the scenes IMO.
Elosha worked better for this particular, spiritual, scene, but Billy would have worked much better as a character Roslin was close to, compared to Tory. As some have said, Billy really should have been in the ferry scene, when Roslin was imagining about her death. He was close to her in a way no one else on the show was, except Adama. Him as a Cylon could have been interesting as well, allthough Tory as a Cylon is also interesting as it is, and Billy would almost certainly have taken a different path as Cylon. Tory was a bit of a blank slate so they could do more surprising things with her.
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