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Re: So is the pressure on Superman?

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So because Thor is a god, that automatically makes his power magic?
It's magic because it's always described as magic (what else would you call it?).
I can't think of a story where Thor has actually beat the Hulk in a fight, maybe I am getting old.
Iron Man has beaten the Hulk himself on occasion, so Thor can.

One example would be Jurgens' extended AU run, Thor conquered the world and killed the Hulk, along with a bunch of other guys (this, of course, was the current Odinforce version, ludicrously powerful (though not written as quite so ludicrously powerful as Odin was when he wielded it, since it's hard enough to write stories for Thor at his current level))..

In general, writing requirements affect the outcome; since whenever the Avengers fight the Hulk, Thor can't win all by himself or the rest of the group looks worthless.
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That would be a fun topic, but I warn you that the Superman-Thor fight in the miniseries JLA/Avengers is still a sensitive subject for Thor fans. Mainly because their guy was KO'd.
Busiek's thoughts on Thor earned him no friends among Thor's fans.
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