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Man, it's going to be nice to have the fugitive-Bird-of-Prey/Kirk-commanding-the-Excelsior years back again, and I don't care if they can't possibly be shoehorned into the movie continuity.
I disagree. There is nothing about those issues that flatly contradicts the movie continuity. In fact, I think it was a pretty smooth transition, if a wee bit contrived.
Oh, yes there is. In fact, it even contradicts itself. Namely, the "Doomsday Bug" arc pre-ST IV claims that the Bird of Prey is miraculously small enough to fit inside the Excelsior's shuttlebay, even though the "Mirror Universe Saga" issues clearly (and accurately) showed it to be so large that it had to be towed by tractor beam behind/beneath the Excelsior.

And of course there are things in the DC comics that were contradicted later on, like Starfleet using cloaking devices or Koloth dying in issue 2 (and he came back without explanation later in the same series). But who cares what they do or don't contradict? What matters is that they're cool stories.
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