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Re: Trek Comics on DVD

Funny, I'm not having any problem seeing the list.

I'll summarize:

Monthly 1-61
Enterprise Logs collections 1-4
Dynabrite and Dan Curtis Giveaway reprints

Passage to Mouav
The Crier in Emptiness
Dinosaur Planet
The Robot Masters
A Mirror For Futility
The Time Stealer

1st series 1-56 (2 covers for #6), Annuals 1-3
Who's Who in ST 1-2
2nd series 1-80, Annuals 1-6
Specials 1-3
ST III, IV, V & VI adaptations
GNs: Ashes of Eden, Debt of Honor

TOS & TNG Modala Imperative miniseries

Miniseries 1-6
Series 1-80
Annuals 1-6
Specials 1-3
All Good Things & GEN adaptations
Ill Wind & Shadowheart minis

TNG/DS9 crossover Ashcan & miniseries 1-4

Ashcans 1A & 1B
Series 1-32 (4 covers for #1)
Minis: Hearts & Minds 1-4 (2 covers for #1), Maquis: Soldier of Peace 1-3
Specials: DS9 Special, Terok Nor, Worf Special, Lightstorm
Ultimate Annual & Looking Glass War Annual
Celebrity Series: Blood & Honor, Rules of Diplomacy

1980 series 1-18
TMP Super Special & book reprint (of #1-3)
Further Adventures of the Starship Enterprise book reprint (of #7, 11, 12)

Collector's Preview 1-2
Early Voyages 1-17
Unlimited 1-10
DS9 1-15
VGR 1-15, Splashdown mini 1-4
Starfleet Academy 1-19, plus Klingon-language edition of 18
Telepathy War 1-5 and Reality's End special (actually 1-5 are regular issues of Academy, DS9, and VGR -- not sure why they're listed separately)
Untold Voyages mini 1-5
FC adaptation
One-shots: Mirror Mirror, Operation Assimilation
Riker Special

TOS GNs: All of Me, Enter the Wolves
TNG: Perchance to Dream 1-4, Killing Shadows 1-4
TNG GNs: Embrace the Wolf, Gorn Crisis, Forgiveness
TNG/DS9: Divided We Fall 1-4
DS9: N-Vector 1-4
VGR: Planet Killer 1-3
VGR GNs: False Colors (2 covers), Elite Force, Elite Force Special Collector's Edition, Avalon Rising
NF: Double Time GN
ST Special
Christopher L. Bennett Homepage -- Site update 4/8/14 including annotations for Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel

Written Worlds -- My blog

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